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just got my computer *big grin*

so okay, get this.

Friday 6th July @ 7:30pm
Venue: Toscani’s @ Waterfront (To Be Confirmed)


All food and drinks are at your own expenses, as the ultimate purpose here is to unify bloggers based in Sabah to come forth, intermingle and go bananas!

Kindly confirm your attendance by 28th June 2007 by contacting Gallivanter -

more info here.

question is, should i or should i not go?

im totally down to it and have been thinking about it for ages. and when its finally here, im all hyped up. but im still not sure about going though.

+ what should i wear????????? BIG problem.
+ what if i be all akward there?
+ what if im the youngest?
+ money :p

but i wanna goooo… but then, im not sure.

help me!!! should i or should i not go???? i never been to these things before, and im all hyped about it, but then again, im just not sure if i SHOULD go. urgh.. what should i do???

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  1. Henry Yew said...

    Go! Why not?  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Affirmative! Look at it this way...

    If u have nothing better to do on that day why not? Plus u can blog about your experience there oso! :D:D

    I miss KK and Sabah... :)  

  3. jasmine said...

    maybe i should go. hmmmmm..... not sure yet la. hahha..  

  4. Cheap Pharmacy Online said...

    If u have nothing better to do on that day in france why not?  


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