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While Haikou is a very impressive city in Hainan, it is utterly sad that I cannot say the same for Sanya which is located at the far south of Hainan. I had the impression that as both Haikou and Sanya have airports, they should be equally developed and on par with one another.

However, that is strictly not so. While Haikou is very much developed into a big city, Sanya is still lagging behind quite badly (except for a few streets with high-rise buildings). While the people in Haikou are more ethical and more well-behaved, you have to be more careful about your personal belongings if you are in Sanya (that is one of the reasons why I did not take many pictures in Sanya). While the 4-star hotels in Haikou are quite OK, 4-star hotels in Sanya are comparable to those of 2-star hotels. But one thing both have in common: the mentality of the people are still quite poor. I shall explain about it more detail when I return to Malaysia.

There isn't much to see in Sanya, and there is almost nothing special about Sanya. We joined a local tour and it was indeed a regrettable experience. In Haikou, the people are still very honest. In Sanya, in order for the people there to survive, they must resort to cunning tactics that are utterly deceitful, which is in a way a trademark of the Chinese people in China. I'll tell you about my experiences in Sanya later.

Now, what do you say to snorkelling? Yes, I have had the experience of snorkelling here in Hainan. It was indeed a wonderful experience diving underwater at the South China Sea to see all sorts of marine life, from corals to various types of fishes (clownfish, lion fish, etc.) and dangerous species such as the spiked pufferfish and sea anemone. Thankfully there was no jellyfish. Although I'd like to have a picture of me snorkelling to be taken underwater, each picture of it costs RMB35 (which is equivalent to RM17.50). That's expensive! I'd rather take pictures of me snorkelling in Australia or even Pulau Redang!

I've got so many funny stories that have good moral lessons behind them during my travel especially in Sanya and one in Haikou. As my schedule on the Internet is quite tight, I can't write them all here. With that, I shall sign out.

P/S: Brian! OK, I'll take pictures of the food in Guangzhou. Perhaps I'll even get something from Guangzhou as souvenirs for you!

P/S 2: Another eye candy from Blogger. I've changed the settings of my aunt's computer to Dutch, and this is how the Blogger Dashboard and New Post pages would look like in Dutch:

(Bragging "unintended") Did Henry ever mention that he understands some Dutch as well? Well, he can! =p

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Smagel eten Henry? ;)

    LOL! thats like the only thing i can say in Dutch... That and Fahrt... LOL! ROFL! LMAO! ;D;D

    (Smagel eten = Lets eat or equivalent)
    (Fahrt = speed, velocity or equivalent)

    Oi Henry! Don't drown while snorkeling yo! >;P  

  2. thwen said...

    "There isn't much to see in Sanya, and there is almost nothing special about Sanya. "

    I believe there are many special things that are undiscovered in Sanya. Seeing something special in the ordinary, or the mundane takes some time. And effort, I guess.

    Oh, I see. Henry is ONLY going to buy souvenirs for Brian. Must be the influence of tennis camps,eh? *evil laughter*  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    LOLZ! What do you mean "tennis camp" & the evil laughter? (>..<)  

  4. Henry Yew said...

    I'm back, and what's with this "tennis camps" influence? You call taking pictures of Guangzhou food for Brian souvenirs? Maybe for you it's souvenirs, Hui Wen, but to me, they are pictures. Hehe...

    Please, don't start associating us to things you don't want to associate with, lest you mar our images. Hihi...  


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