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- Albert

Yay, my first rant job here! Sorry Jaspreet, its not the one you asked me to post.

Anyways, Jaspreet asked me to post my first rant job, which is basically a whole bunch of rubbish that just popped in my head out of nowhere, and apparently I posted it somewhere on the Internet, and Jas read it, and he liked it. God knows why.
Then, here I am on RANDTS, and Jas asked me to type a post regarding the advantage of Quantity over Quality of sex (specifically speaking, its the advantage of quantity of ejaculations over the length of one ejaculation, meaning how many times you can do it, instead of how long you can hold). But then I was thinking, isn't it kinda rude to jump straight into the sex train for a first post?
And again, considering the fact that I only know Albert and Jas among the 18 RANDTSters, I don't want to do something to make myself be perceived as a sex maniac as a first impression. Or maybe I already have. Oh well.

Anyhow, this is MY style of typing. I don't use flashy words. I don't use deep vocabulary like Jaspreet, so you can keep your dictionary and close that tab for Merriam Webster online. I don't like deep, philosophical crap that will blind you for the rest of the day. I go straight to the point and if I DO twist my words, don't think too much about it, it may just be because I am typing so fast I don't realize what I am talking about. Curses, preferably Chinese, are my forte, but for the sake of underaged and sensitive readers, I will censor them, and Jaspreet asked me to keep them to a bare minimum.

Ok, I have been typing 3 paragraphs full of rubbish and where the h3ll is the content?
Ok, I know, I know, so lets start.

As I was saying, I was kinda thinking about what to post as a first post. Then I saw yiwei's neglected post (it only has 1 comment... seriously... wtf???) about her relationship with this one lucky dude through SMS.

Then it got me thinking about this friend of mine who apparently got his current girlfriend, who incidentally, are both my classmates. The funny thing is, outside, you don't see them talking to each other at all. Even now. And sad to say, as a relatively close friend to the guy, suffice to say things aren't going well now that they are serious... and actually get together outside of their phone screens.

Then it also got me thinking about my OWN experience (cheh, made it sound like I so pro relationship). Long story short, suffice to say that SMS, pixels, and emoticons blinded me, and I wasted RM30 of credit on her, and a further RM106 for a confession which brought my dignity down to negative, and took more balls than the number of goals Beckham scored (no, I am talking about balls as in the thing that me and Albert has, but Jaspreet lost XD), and at the end of the day, got rejected flat in the face.

So here I am, fully understanding yiwei's situation, and surprised not many people actually bothered to address it. All I want to say is, with the advent of technology and virtual realities, our social lives have totally changed. No longer do you have to meet a person to know a person. Sometimes, a person's character is much more apparent when they are in their virtual alter egos. I, for one, actually enjoy blogging and typing rubbish in forums not only because I know no one cares if I tell them to anyone in reality that I know, but also because I can't say in words what I do want to say, without taking time and filtering/proof reading it in my head first.
To a lot of people, when you see me in reality, I am an @ssh0l3. Ask Jaspreet.
And on the Internet? Oh well, you will soon find out. Chances are, I am still an @ssh0l3.

Anyways, addressing yiwei's situation. Lets just say that, it obviously isn't easy actually communicating with the other fellow (lets just call him Hunny Bunny. Why? I don't know, maybe cause I am a retard). But suffice to say that, if you really do want to get serious with Hunny Bunny, you obviously have to get to know him in reality. Come on, don't give me that Maple girlfriend, boyfriend bullsh*t. Everyone knows it will never work out. Its just like virtual sex, fun, but pointless.

That is one barrier you have to go through, if you really want get associated with Hunny Bunny, and that is to communicate with him as how you would to your friends in real life. The other barrier you have to go through is the personality misalignment.

As I said earlier, people act differently on the phone/Internet. So you may know Hunny Bunny as a nice, intelligent, gentleman, bla bla yadda yadda, but you must also understand it may only be an image he is trying to portray himself in. OR it could also be who he really is deep inside, and in reality, he may seem like an @ssh0l3, but he may be nice and all inside. So its up to you to find out how he really is like, and that takes time AND real communication. If he acts differently/may not be as introverted/extroverted as he seems, then its up to you to be patient and see him as who he really is.

All in all, I think that its nothing to be ashamed of/scared to have a virtual based relationship. After all, its still human nature, that is to say, reproduction and continuation of the species. As to how one approaches it, that is strictly a personal method, but I think that I should give my own two cents regarding the matter.

Hey hey! Don't get me wrong, I never claimed to be a relationship expert or Casanova, but I don't want anyone else to blindly waste RM106 and time, aights?

Thats all I have to say for now. I know, I know, it bored your nuts off Jaspreet, but maybe I will post something spicier next time, k? Hey, you DID ask me to minimize the cursing, so what can I say?

Ciao all, I love everyone non-sexually/homosexually

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    We are out of touch of reality through the newest ways of communication. Basically the SMS and IM subtracts almost all the layers of human nature in interaction. No voice and anything but "empty" shortened words. Direct conversation become a problem because many fools lack social skills just like the wretched comrade. The digital age has made many into social-illiterates caused by handphones and computers. The worst case is in Japan where handphones have even made young idiots computer-illiterate.

    [Shine]: Nicely whack Jaspreet in the underside huh. Luckily I'm still intact. Love you with all my heart and lust darling.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Okay firstly... I did not specify the actual definitions of either quality or quantity, so read into that what you will....

    And what "impression"? You are a f*ckin sex maniac! Dude; Stand-the-Fuck-Proud! ;)

    But now i have to say that on the whole thats some good advice hes disshin out. Hey you know what they say; Those who can't DO, Teach. ;)  

  3. Shine said...

    please dun be gay albert...

    fuck u too jaspreet  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Waitaminute did you guys just get that?

    He wants to fuck me but is tellin "Bert not to be gay?
    Pot calling the kettle African American, i say! ;P

    Irony abounds in this one...  


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