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Hmmm, the world must be wondering what kind of people Malaysian are, with our politicians behaving no better than low-cultured folk. I refer to the recent event of a certain government MP who was reported to have made a derogatory remark to a female Opposition MP (read the Star article)

First thing, I really fail to see the connection between the possibility of leaks in the Parliament building and the monthly cycle of a woman. It was hell rude, if you don't mind me saying. I thought debates, especially one so important as a Parliamentary, were supposed to be intelligent exchanging of views with a healthy dose of wit, rhetoric, charisma and sarcasm. This latest episode (following on a string of other numerous verbal blunders) just shows how much more we have to go in becoming a progressed nation, mentally.

Before proceeding, let me clarify that my reference is The Star's coverage on that incident. I quote the paper: '“My advice is that MPs should be careful with their words next time,” he (Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib) said amidst cheers and the thumping of tables by the backbenchers.'

And that's just it?? *incredulous* The cheering and thumping of tables seems as though the other backbenchers think that making jibes as such is acceptable. Or is it because it was in their favour, and not the Opposition's?

Another from the article: 'Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz said Fong should have taken the matter in her stride.
“It is normal to play with words,” he said, adding that it would be wrong if the statement had been made with malicious intent.'

I do agree with his statement but plain rudeness staring you in the face with a defiant eye shouldn't be accepted. Especially from a person of public influence.

We keep hearing of these incidents from time to time. When will our politicians learn to take responsibility for their words? We wonder why are they even there and realise, damn! we voted for them. What kind of people have we elected to lead our country? People who are merely skilled in talk (which borders on the nonsensical at times)? Which brings me to the question - who are the bigger idiots, us or them?

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  1. johnleemk said...

    Obviously us if we don't realise why we should vote Barisan Nasional. :p  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Today is a sad, sad mother's day.

    Bung (Kinabatangan MP) is good for nothing at all. He's just a chauvinist and racist. I have proof that he told the DAP MPs to get out of the country in 2005 during a Parliamentary debate if I'm not mistaken. There's even video proof of his vitriol in my PC. If he finds that making jokes about the female genitals is so fun we must put him in prison and see what the prisoners will do. Why isn't this mockery of man sacked? He ought to receive no support from Kinabatangan.*rolls eyes*

    Next we have the Jasin forest rapist. All we know is he made big bucks by allowing forests to be pillaged and their wood sold illegally. Yet, this man still represents Jasin. I remember my friend saying that he speaks very well. This friend witnessed the disgrace making a wonderful speech in a debate about co-ops during my class' visit to Parliament (I didn't go). The Jasin corrupted chauvinist creature must be sacked!

    Next we have more disgraceful people in Parliament. Down with the backbenchers! They remind me of chimpanzees making lots of of noise in the jungle. The Parliamentary speaker also ought to be sacked for being an utter insult to women and thus the human race. Nazri must learn to shut his mouth too. How dare he defend the perpetrators of uncouth conduct while mocking the victim? He must be chastised by his wife!

    All these mockeries of mankind actually have titles. In my opinion they should be stripped of titles. I'm sure this will injure their egos which are as big as the sun. Therefore, it's the perfect punishment. Honourable Badawi should sack them too.

    Where's the rule of law? Yiwei, it's obvious who are idiots, the politicians who have foot in mouth disease!

    ~multum in parvo~  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    I wanted to write about this issue, but since it's already written here, I'd just like to point out that those people in the august house are people whom we have selected with our own votes.

    During campaigns, they made so much effort to pull votes. They portrayed the most matured of features to us. Not that our politicians are immature after the elections, but is the following statement:

    "Where are the leaks? The Batu Gajah member also leaks once a month"

    a display of maturity in the Parliament?

    And "It's normal for a play on words"? This is utterly ridiculous! I can't believe that the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department could even say such thing! The Parliament is like a court, where everybody is accountable for anything that is said. In a court, you don't simply say foolish things, do you? Likewise in the Parliament, how could you play with words, especially those that provoke sentiments?

    We don't need teens to tell our "most experienced" leaders about maturity, do we?  

  4. yiwei said...

    eek henry sorry for stealing your about-to-be post! ;p a case of great minds think alike..or fools seldom differ?

    it's disappointing reading about these clowns. when you think they couldn't get worse, they do *rolls eyes*. i didn't add...the best part would be the rejection of her wanting to file a complaint. it's akin to being unable to report a crime because you didn't come to the cops immediately.

    if you dig earlier news you'd find that our dear MP in question actually used the F-word in Parliament against a DAP member (Chong Eng I think...). i have the newspaper clipping.

    comrade, if they're the idiots, WHY do they still get reelected? i'm stumped on this one.

    one thing for sure, we need new blood. or at least leaders with a sense of civility. comrade perhaps? =)  

  5. Comrade's Alter Ego said...

    Comrade will be pleased to represent the people. They (the gundus) will definitely hit me with all sorts of vitriol. Perhaps this is what they'll say:"Oi lu cacat mau cacatkan negara ke?". Someone even made a joke of the honourable Karpal Singh when he appeared in Parliament on the wheelchair. BTW, the Parliament isn't disabled friendly. What a disappointment and a disgrace!

    If we want to see the gundus keeping their foul mouths shut or at least be chastised then we must go out to represent the people in numbers. Rule by intelligentsia is better than the rule of the uncouth.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  6. Fusion16 said...

    Bottom line: Parliament is a farce. Everything from the people in it to the things they argue about...  

  7. LKF said...

    I have no idea what goes on in the parliment up to today at which i learned that those who keep wining never knew why they won or maybe its because the people who voted them turn a blind eye. As far as i'm concerned, some of the MP’s (hopefully not all) are not concerned about the country but rather on how we speak in Parliament. I do not agree that you have to be educated or being able to speak fluently to voice out one’s opinions. Even an animal will know when it’s agitated and when its not. And I am totally bumped on the notion "Where are the leaks? The Batu Gajah member also leaks once a month". What in GOD’S name does this have to do with anything. We voted them to solve problems, not create new, uncalled for and sudden rude statements/problems which are unimportant compared to the leaks in government buildings. In fact, If the government were to have leaks in their buildings, i wonder about the public buildings? especially heritage/historical buildings such as ST. Michael's Institution of Ipoh. Didn't they say they don't have the money to repair it's rooftop? I wonder where the money suddenlly appeared to repair ALL GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS. So their action is to first keep themselves dry and let the people get wet first because it seems that they can’t work when THEY get wet. What a joke. If that were to be true then those victims must be having a really hard time now since THEIR pay is a LOT LESS then the MP’S.
    If I were Fong Po Kuan's (DAP – Batu Gajah) (I mean to be in her shoe’s not become HER. I still enjoy being a GUY.) should have answered this to him:-
    “If you have not seen the leaks I wonder why the people put you in this chair because obviously if there wasn’t a leak I would not have asked and what does your last statement have to do with my question or today’s notion? Or perhaps you wanted ME to clarify for you that your MEMBERS do leak every month! And since they made such a racket of support why don’t you tell him you do! (I expect silence from the crowd of female MP’s and if the men were to answer) Excuse me, I WAS ASKING THE FEMALES. Unless you know our body cycle quite well or you want to be a woman. Please do not waste my time which the people gave to me in order to solve the problem. Back to the question at hand…….”
    Something like that. But I doubt that even me can pull a sentence like this during such an incident.
    All in a nut shell, BN (Barisan National or maybe BINASA NEGARA if this were to continue) ain’t getting my vote! Anyone agree’s? Oh and if I have any errors on how I wrote I would like to apologize since it’s my first time being agitated by the parliament and what an eye opener. I thought they were working hard since our PM got angry the other day. Looks like people just don’t learn or maybe because no one catches them as even the law forces are THEM if I’m not mistaken. Anybody concur?  

  8. Comrade Cripple said...

    LKF has descended to comment here. Yay!!

    Binasa Negara will rule as long as the main percepts of democracy are not respected. Vote for the party that gives you hope. Not the one that steps on your rights. Sadly the opposition is so weak. BTW, PKR and PAS will never ever, ever get my vote. Their Islamist agenda is bigger than the sun. Hudud law will screw as all up so bad that we'll have pain in certain areas.

    Let me go into LKF's second question.

    MPs are part of the long arm of the law but are not above it. The rule of the law being the utmost principle of democracy cannot be taken lightly. Everyone with no exception whatsoever must be subject to laws and regulation. If the Prime Minister is corrupt he must be charged with corruption. If the Deputy Prime Minister is a murder's prime suspect he must be arrested and charged in court. Unfortunately, MPs (Binasa only) especially the smiley Kinabatangan chauvinist monkey and the Jasin half-blind chauvinist lumberjack here are in practice are above the law.*chokes*

    ~multum in parvo~  


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