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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

With just a little bit of inspiration, you can write whatever you want, do whatever you want, dream whatever you want as long as it serves a good purpose and pose no harm to society. I think other RANDTSters need some inspiration to be back on track.

Earlier (weeks ago?), I had a chat with Joe. I talked about reluctant I was towards RANDTS and he told me to write something about inspiration. And, here I am, writing about inspiration. Funny thing, isn't it? What is inspiration? Is it the one little kick in life that gets you going on in doing great things or perhaps its just another spice which keeps the essence in life flowing? It can't be seen and its feeling can hardly be described. It is really amazing(to me) how one event can place great importance to someone to continue striving.

I've been wondering. Where do we go or who do we look for when we need inspiration? One may be inspiring to me but might not be inspiring to another. At moments when we need that jolt, how do we get it? Should we wait until we hit rock bottom, then only do we start to make more effort?

Actually, I've posted this in my blog but I decided to share it here; with you guys. After editing two times in an hour, I managed to come up with this. I was inspired by a couple of friends then to write about love; sad love story anyone? I know it sounds kind of cheesy but this sure can give some of you a good laugh especially when it's coming from someone like me. :D

Banjir Cinta Yang Sepi

Malam berlalu…
Yang membanjiri mindaku;
Adalah memori cinta…

Cinta yang sedih;
Cinta yang pedih;
Cinta yang ku nanti;
Cinta yang tiada kembali.

Tidak mu rasa;
Tidak ku paksa;
Tidak ku benci;
Tidak ku cari.

Bak dicuri, bak diketepi…

Nantian yang tiada akhirnya;
Kepahitan yang tiada perginya;
Terukir di sudut hatiku;
Perasaan yang tiada pun tahu
tapi aku…

Tidak ku sesal;
Tidak ku kesal;
Hanya ku kenang;
Banjir cinta yang sepi…

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Inspiration is a goddess whose presence is a blessing to those whose hearts are open and their minds free.

    Never spurn her, for she is the power that drives her stead, greatness, before her bound to her chariot, love, riding across the void that is life and filing it a little every day with hope and will.

    Ever love her for she is the one who gave Cupid his arrows and Venus her beauty.

    She created all of existence as it exists within your mind.

    She is Inspiration and we worship her in art.

    -Words of Wisdom from the Not so Wise-


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