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Hey everyone, Hui Wen is back from her RANDTS hiatus to post some of her pictures, haha! Not her portraits, or course, but black-and white pictures which she has converted from colour and toned accordingly. These are all taken a month plus in Penang, and she hopes you'll enjoy them.

DSCN3930 copy 2
Time and tide waits for no man. Only trails of what left are seen...

These pictures are not toned well, as the photographer is a noob in almost everything- from the exposure to the curves in Photoshop. So do excuse her, haha!

Paw prints on the beach.

DSCN3969 copy
Kohl-rimmed kitty.

Pieces of perspectives

Yeah, that's all Hui Wen has to post for now. The pictures are not as appealing in her own opinion due to the lack of colour and depth-of-field, but she wishes to present the photos with the suitable 'mood'. Thus, the monochromatic take.

Happy Holidays!

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