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Kiasu v. "Bodoh"

What are we compared to Singaporeans? We might say they are very kiasu in every aspect of their lives; they are too disciplined for their own good; some Malaysians hate their strict law enforcement down there. So are we better than them?

Take a look at ourselves for an instant, we have quite a number of faults.

  1. Malaysian are true devils on the road, just look at those imbeciles who weave through the highway like there is no tomorrow. Have you seen motorcyclists who wish for a horrible death? Anyone here who are speed demons like many Malaysians.
  2. Mismanagement is already seeping into some institutions and companies, for example there is this college in Kuala Lumpur which fails to pay part time lecturers and goes on to scapegoat one of them. We even have contractors chosen by the government who do shoddy work. Did a roof give way on top of a judge?
  3. "Tidak apa" attitude is already part of our culture. Most hawkers show utter contempt to the cleanliness of drains while people support such behaviour by patronising those hawkers. When someone screams for help we have idiots who stare. Even the Comrade always gets stared at when he goes out just because I can't walk.
  4. We youth totally fail at reading books. I can assert that most students never touch any books except their academic books. To make matters worse bookshops such as MPH are mosquitoes out to suck the blood of customers. We people also must ask our government where are our libraries? Many newspapers have also published countless articles on our book problem.
  5. Everyone knows that we are a corrupted nation, just look at the newspapers for stories that smell of corrupt that come out pretty often. If you dive into political blogs you may even end up shuddering in disbelief at the level of graft in Malaysia. Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) shows that we are sinking deeper into corruption each year. Everybody also knows piracy will never be wiped out so long the underworld bribes the enforcement officers.

Need more of the ugly side of us. Yet again we have to be called people with third class mentalities with first class facilities. What a shame!

Singapore is so much better than us. Drivers there are angels albeit some still turn into devils on Malaysian roads. Mismanagement is almost non-existent in Singapore, they are top notch in management. "Tidak apa" attitude is quite alien there. Corruption almost doesn't exist down in the island and corrupt people are always jailed just look at their rankings on the CPI. Books are everywhere in Singapore as they have countless public libraries unlike us. Finally, Singapore is so ahead of us in everything, they are a developed nation while we are considered less developed for crying out loud. Still want to compare ourselves with Singaporeans?

~multum in parvo~

P.S: My Public Law lecturer says that if Singaporeans are kiasu we are "bodoh".

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  1. thwen said...

    Many people don't read because they either don't understand the language, or can't afford to buy them. Maybe they're not interested in reading. Some of them find books appalling or the idea of reading terrifying.

    They seem to think only nerds own books, and they, being the 'cool' people, don't have to read. Being intimidated of the quietness and shelves in the library is another factor too. Apart from all that, some people want to read books to widen their knowledge and improve their language, but they don't have the opportunity to do so.

    Personally, I find the selection of books in public libraries aren't good enough, and the duration of borrowing is very short. You can't expect everyone to finish a thick book on a complex topic in a few days, as not everyone is capable of that. And it's funny to see bookshops like Borders, Kinokuniya and MPH having more choices of books and magazines than public libraries.

    I'm just telling this based on my observation, and I might be w'rong', but never mind, voicing out opinions is better than being 'bodoh'.  

  2. thwen said...

    And I'm not definitely not implying that voicing out opinion makes me any smarter. =)  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Hey my thoughts exactly.... Im personally addicted to Macro Science Fiction (LotR, WarCraft, MTG, Battletech etc.) and as far as i know my local library DOES NOT have a copy of any of the above.... (WTF?)  


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