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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

A serious note

This is perhaps the second time I'll be addressing this matter. I shall use very direct approaches. And pardon me for my choice of words; I shall not be so careful with it.

What has happened to the fire to blog in RANDTS? Has the fire to blog here greatly diminished? If so, I'd like to know why. If our Comrade "General" Cripple can be so committed to this blog, is it too much if I ask for at least just "one-fifth" of his commitment?

I understand well that many of us are currently busy with examinations and that we also have our own personal blog to maintain. As such, I don't expect very much updates in May and June. However, you would agree with me that over the past few months, less and less people have been blogging here regularly.

Somehow, this post is very much anticipated, especially me. However, I did not really expect that I would be the person writing it. It is high time that we re-think about the reasons why we had agreed to participate in RANDTS, or start RANDTS in the first place for that matter.

I shall not specify any names here; please do forgive me for my harshness in addressing this issue. I am really curious to know about the reason the fire to blog here simply isn't burning; some already have their fire burnt out. Is it really so hard to find a topic to write about? Perhaps writing about an opinion on what has happened in your daily life would help spark the fire?

I am terribly sad to see that while few people are struggling to keep the fire burning, some have already turned off theirs. As one of the earliest members of RANDTS, I welcomed you into our community with open arms. In fact, I have no objections as to who is interested to participate in RANDTS. When Jared used to ask me if he should recruit this "so-and-so" into the community, I did not have many comments or opinions about it.

In no way am I implying that if you feel that your passion is gone, you therefore should leave. NO! On a personal level, I feel it is irresponsible to just pack up and go, unless there is a very valid reason or an inevitable situation that requires your leave (which I think is very much improbable). RANDTS is not a blog in which people could just simply join and go; otherwise, we would already have a lot of sleeping members and new members every now and then.

I discourage bloggers who have lost their fire to blog here to leave. In fact, I would encourage you to light up your fire again and attempt to try your best, in fact, better than before. I want to see the lively RANDTS that it has been when it was first initiated.

More so, I am eager to read your thoughts! There are some of you here who do not have a personal blog. I would allow them to channel their thoughts or outbursts here. Your opinions and views are simply priceless to me! There's so much that we could learn from each other through writing. Sometimes, when speaking to a friend seems so difficult, writing them down here could help ease the difficulty.

I challenge you, dear RANDSTers, to write more on whatever topic you fancy. Keep the passion burning inside you!

Jared has done a great deal lot to start this blog and made it as user-friendly as possible. He has also done a lot to make this blog as impressive as it can. Albert has also been helping Jared to maintain this blog and help fix up certain HTML codes that went wrong. Let us not put all this effort to waste. The least we could do to show appreciation is by posting here.

Which reminds me about this question: Do you ever visit RANDTS anymore? I feel that this is a question that you need to seriously ponder about. It is the first question to determine your commitment in RANDTS. If your commitment has faltered, it's time to get it back. Waste time no more! Come back, please!

Maybe the template needs a revamp. Perhaps a different skin could spark your interest up again? Is that what you want? If we are really going to have the template changed, will you people start blogging here again? Perhaps we're all bored with the template. To be frank, I am quite bored with it. When Jared showed me some templates that he might use for RANDTS, I was more than happy that the template would be changed sooner or later.

We have seen your blogs, your writings and so on, and we see a very good prospect for RANDTS if you participate. However, things are not what they seem to be now. This blog is hardly half a year old; is the genesis of it this short? Are we going to let it fail just like that?

Random note: Even the chatbox is dead!

3 mad rant(s):

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  1. thwen said...

    Even though the template plays an important part in a blog, I don't think it's the major reason why RANDTS is not as active as before.

    I don't have anything much to say about the frequency of posting, as I am one of the RANDTSters who failed to fulfill the quota. The number of entries I've posted is miserable, and the quality of them is a joke. I know I haven't been writing much of anything here, as my intention was to post photographs in RANDTS.

    Maybe the lack of readership and support from non-RANDTsters is one of the problem... Argh, I might be even out of topic here, but without links to RANDTS left on blogs of others', we won't get as much readers as we wish to. Sometimes, the content can't be blamed for lack of page views and visits...

    I have more to say on this, but some part of me tells me not to. I have problems expressing myself at times, and my words may make the situation worse. So, I'll just keep silent on this for a while. I don't even have the interest to take photographs or purchase SLRs anymore, much less discuss about blogging. Yes, very selfish of me. Retaliate with words or anything... I'm already in a pensive 'mode'...  

  2. Henry Yew said...

    Hui Wen,
    Well said. I admire your straightforwardness in discussing about this issue!

    But, my friend, if there are any problems at hand that you wish to tell, fear not to offend anybody. You could also express your problems to me, if you want to. I am completely OK with straightforwardness that neglects the choice of words.

    Don't just let them stay in your heart. If there is anything you want to say, this is the place.  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    I think huiwen is right...

    I also find it discouraging when the majority of my post are left 'comment-less'. Its almost as if nobody reads them in the first place... I know i may be wrong in this... but i think it would be very encouraging to everyone (myself included) if we found our posts proving to be popular via number of relevant comments left on them.

    I write stories (fiction) and love the argument of the critique. That is why i joined RANDTS in the first place, to see for myself what 'the world' though of my writing and to improve myself as such. Wouldn't it be a shame if that wish went unfulfilled? ;P

    Cheers henry! For having the balls to tell it like it is. ;D  


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