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Freedom of Speech?

Sometimes you wonder how some folks (especially in Malaysia) have the audacity to talk without thinking. Really, judging from the things they type, it's glaringly obvious that these people never really bothered to zip up their mouths for awhile before shooting off it at others. Naturally they also don't bother giving a damn about being polite or civilized at all.

Case in point: check out John Lee's blog, Infernal Ramblings, at the chatbox in the right-hand sidebar.

Now pay attention to the mad rantings of the person nicknamed "joshvinder". Start from bottom to top, right before the nickname 'No Eggs'.

Disheartening, no? With such people trawling the blogosphere and spreading ill will everywhere they end up, it's hardly any wonder why our Information Minister is so anxious to rein in Malaysian bloggers; including the rest of us who had nothing to do with it in the first place.

I thought a forum was for people to exchange ideas, not ruthlessly beat them down whenever they express one that doesn't tally with yours!

It's sickening to be reminded that there are many more "joshvinders" out there in the country right now. On a forum once, I was heckled by another 'experienced' user (by nature of the obscenely huge number of posts he has put up to date) who used a variety of colourful and fascinating words on me due to a disagreement of sorts in which we ended up.

Alright, maybe I was at fault for misreading his message and responding rather harshly - but it was never intentionally done. The next thing I knew I was embroiled in a flame war all on my own! Needless to say, I found out from many other users that he has abused them online many times - even witnessing myself him starting up another flame war with another user of that forum.

And it wasn't just about the issue we were discussing at that point - at times he'd go on to insult our parentage, our heritage, our culture, our education, etc. Basically he took a potshot at everything related to us in an effort to draw us in to the conflict with our own weapons. I was damn near close to breaking. Still, bad experiences that could have cost me my friendships helped remind me that that was the last thing I should do.

I have since stopped posting at that forum due to his insolent nature and coarse language. I thought a forum was for people to exchange ideas, not ruthlessly beat them down whenever they express one that doesn't tally with yours! That defeats the purpose of the whole thing entirely, no?

Any of you here have ever had that experience before? Being heckled online by someone hiding behind a pseudonym? It certainly makes you wonder how some immature people can so freely abuse the rights to freedom of speech which democracy has granted them.

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~verus rara avis~

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    I got into a flame war on Youtube before. It got totally out of hand as Fire was fought with greater fire. There was some wisecrack racist who I couldn't tolerate. Towards the end it was just an insult match. Finally I became fed-up and just stopped fanning the flames. Even my username and password was changed. In the end I realised I was too gung-ho in attacking the racist.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  2. johnleemk said...

    Actually flamewars are a waste of time. You have to pick your battles; there's little point in arguing with people like joshvinder.  

  3. thwen said...

    I've been rather lucky as I haven't been involved in a flame war or forum of that sort. But I'm not sure whether this luck will be ever-lasting, haha!

    Like the wise Malay saying that goes: Sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Such people are not worth your time, Jared. You might as well entertain me with 'funny things that came out of Jared Ee', haha!  

  4. Johnny Ong said...

    at times we need to voice if ppl over do certain things at that moment of time. for instance when maybank started to impose racial rulings on legal firms doin biz with them. need to stand up for what u believe at times  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    [johnny]: Maybank's ruling is just nothing but racist, calling it discriminatory as MCA stated is just an overly soft understatement. Why can't we just leave the issue of race behind in a large part of our daily lives? We truly need some kind of Equal Opportunities Act  

  6. LKF said...

    I'm having the same problem JARED.

    check out the comment in this URL:-

    its in the comment section about english versus chinesse.
    these guys here are ill-mannered..I'm afraid it'll get worse if they knew more than my initials.

    Ohh yeah. see ya in 2 weeks...and Tim is back from america.  


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