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This is in response to Joe's beaten.battered.owned and Hui Wen's As I Lay My Eyes as they are, to me, related.

Indeed, life has never been a smooth-sailing one, no matter how "smooth" you proclaim it to be. We were never promised a bed of roses in our life, and we never will. Life is cruel, life is suppressing. That's fact.

Nevertheless, we are gifted with something that is able to help us go through all this mess in our life. It is what we call a sound mind. The human brain helps us in resolving all these unwanted cruelty that mount up in us.

We live in a world where we are constantly haunted by STRESS, TENSION, DEPRESSION and the like. There are even times when things we hate most to happen will just occur, as if by purpose. But, if we let our mind govern our thoughts in such moments rather than the heart, then the remedy is there.

Sometimes, as we face the cruelty of the world, it makes us think whether it is worth living such life, or why are we living this life. We make a difference to this world, no matter how small we seem to be. It is because of such a little difference that we would still live.

At times when we feel that life is just full of terror and hopelessness, let the mature mind grip you and start seeing things from the point of view of the mind; suppress your heart for a moment and don't let its emotions grab hold of you. Acting upon your mind, even though it hurts the heart, is frequently the solution to a lot of cruelties.

Don't ask why certain things (like the puppy being knocked down) happen. We are powerless against the will of God, but there are things in which we have been given the control. Then, control it with your own might. If you have been given the task to pilot a machine, shirk it not.

We are here in this world to witness hard times and to make hard decisions. All of us would wish that we can lead a much simpler, happier, easy-going life. But isn't our life simple enough? Even if we do get our wish, after a while, wouldn't we wish for even simpler lives? How simple, happy and easy-going life can we obtain?

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  1. thwen said...

    I've accepted the fact that the puppy died, but that won't stop me from thinking about it.  


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