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Complicated much...

Complicated. Why do people say that life is complicated? Life is life. Life is not complicated, or is it?

Under what circumstances is life complicated? When you can't figure out something? or when you get tangled in some situation and you just don't know what to do?

Imagine that you are in this situation where you like a person who happens to like another person who happens to be your close friend and happens to have a relationship with someone else and likes another person at the same time. The person who he or she likes at the same time happens to be a close friend of the person you like. The person you like knows that you like him/her. Your close friend, however, do not know that you like the person who likes him/her and therefore, keep on pouring stories to you.

Is this complicated? Perhaps the way I put it is complicated but what would you do if you were to be in a situation like this?

Multiple Choice Answer:

A. Continue to like the person you like.
B. Stop liking the person you like and stop making things complicated.
C. Tell your close friend that you actually like the person who likes your close friend.
D. Do nothing and let them untangle themselves unless there is nothing to untangle.

I just made everything sound complicated and confusing. Maybe I'm just confused and complicated myself?

4 mad rant(s):

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  1. Boon Kheng said...

    This kind of complicated situation is rare. But the world is very small =)  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    I'm confused...
    ... No wait I'm not. Am I?


    Life is like a river, you just have to go with the flow. Sure you have to swim a little to avoid the odd groin jarring rock, but that doesn't mean you should try to swim against the current. XD!
    -Word of Wisdom from the Not so Wise-

  3. Comrade Cripple said...

    B is the best choice. Don't lose friends because of love. It's not worth it there are so many fish in the ocean.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  4. Esther said...

    boon kheng, i couldn't agree less that the situation is rare. sometimes, when you get caught up in such situations, you just don't know what to do. well, i don't. :)

    arbitary juggernaut, you stunned me for a second. i thought i actually did confuse you as much as how i made myself confused. :P believe me, the words of wisdom you give are what i'll bear in mind. after all, it ain't easy hving friends to give words of wisdom ;)

    comrade cripple, B does seem to be the best solution at the moment. I would have chosen D. You know during exams, you have to make a choice between two answers which you think is correct but not sure? Well, I'm at that crossroad; between B and D. but thanks anyway.. :D  


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