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I hate my current life. It is...

  1. Way too hectic.
  2. Way too stressful.
  3. Intolerably cruel.
  4. Messed up.
  5. Screwed up.
  6. Bad.
  7. Sucky to the max.

Ever felt so suppressed to the point of being half-dead? Ever felt what is like to be living a suspended life? I have no idea what in the world is going on now in my life. I just hate it so much that I wish someone would just end it right now.

Sorry for this sudden outburst. I really need some place to release the tension. Exam stress, piled together with everything screwed up, can cause the death of a person. For the record, I don't even sleep no more, even though I want to sleep. God have mercy on me!!!

4 mad rant(s):

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  1. Henry Yew said...

    Guess what? I had exactly the same type of symptoms you do: sleep no more, stressed, etc.

    If anyone else has ever lived in a suspended life, I have. If anyone else has ever felt so suppressed to the point of being half-dead, I was already at the point of being dead. But if someone has to end all this, it has to be you.

    It took me two months to recover from all this absurdity, but there are many good lessons to be learnt. However, you need not undergo those two months. You have faced certain problems and you have shared some with me before. Remember my words?

    Be thankful, nevertheless, that you have great people around you to keep you standing. I, on the other hand, could hold onto nobody but myself and God.

    But before I end, two important questions. As you hate your current life so much (but surely there are some things which are actually in your control), why do you still want to continue with it? If it is going to affect you academically, spiritually, emotionally, is it worth in the first place to even bother?

    You and I have an important event coming up in two weeks' time. You cannot afford to continue living like this. Turn back to reality and be suspended no more.

    Brother, are you with me?  

  2. thwen said...

    I hate it when I can't do anything but watch... for I know no remedy...  

  3. joe said...

    wad u r talking bout n wad im talking bout r 2 different things. d old problems i had is entirely different frm d new 1. but i'll try 2 do what i should.

    u noe wad? neither can i do anything. nothing is in my control now  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Hey Joe! Join the club!

    I have no life too! YAY!  


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