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Teletubbies Are Gay

It seems that Poland thinks that Teletubbies are gay. A senior Polish official has ordered psychologists to investigate whether the popular BBC TV show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual lifestyle. Those Poles are ridiculously obsessed and paranoid in fearing about the "promotion of a homosexual lifestyle".

How stupid can people be? All these humorous homophobia started when Poland's education ministry announced plans to sack teachers who promote homosexuality. How do you promote homosexuality? In a radio show some people even found Winnie the Pooh suspiciously gay as he had only male friends. For many young boys all their friends are boys. Are they gay too? What some "learned" people do simply baffles me.

Let's come back to Teletubbies. Tinky Winky the purple Teletubby is the character singled out as being gay. One of the ludicrous reason is that he carries a handbag. The late American bigot Jerry Falwell even once said Tinky Winky is gay for being purple, a gay pride colour. His (Tinky's) triangular aerial was also said to be a gay pride symbol. How can people be so idiotic? Tinky Winky is just a child's character, how could he be gay? Some people have forgot that being effeminate isn't being gay. King Herod was effeminate but committed adultery by marrying his brother's wife. Furthermore, there certainly is nobody had alleged the Herod was gay.

Tinky Winky the gay Teletubby being gay. Lol!

I'll tell you that Teletubbies will drive me up the wall. It's just plain weird but it cannot be gay unless you are talking about an obscure and probably fake clip of Teletubbies depicting sodomy symbolism on Youtube. Still fools will be fools but idiocy of a whole country is mind boggling. Luckily for Poland, the Poles are taking the gay Teletubbies issue with a sense of humour.

P.S: Some people say Barney the purple dinosaur is gay for being purple. Anyway, I'm so gay hearing about gays.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Boon Kheng said...

    Poland government wanna make a big fuss out of a show for innocent children? 简直就是无理取闹!  

  2. Esther said...

    Teletubbies; I hate them. They are plain annoying and illogical to me. At least, Barney made more sense. LOL. Are there any purple characters in Sesame Street anyway? How bout that wizard-like character? Hehe...

    p/s:I'm making no sense.  

  3. thwen said...

    Indeed. Teletubbies ARE gay. Gay as in merry, and happy sort of gay, haha!  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Okay... so ask yourselves...

    So what even if they are gay?

    I mean, all due respect to various religions and faiths who think otherwise, gayism is becoming more and more widespread and is indeed ancient in its origins. Maybe we should just start accepting it. I mean just because we denounce gayism doesn't mean that gays will stop being gay.

    Besides its their choice. And their being gay doesn't effect our way of life one bit. As long as we don't hear reports of men getting raped anytime soon i'll say we'll all be fine... ;P

    I personally am friends with a few homosexual males myself... They are perfectly respectable people and have in no way questioned MY sexual preferences (I am a heterosexual, thank you). So whaddya say guys? after all anti gayism IS a form of chauvinism after all...


    Gay pride ya'll!  

  5. Anonymous said...

    Actually, Teletubbies is part of the "Lifelong Learning" program launched in the 70s that strives to, among other things, form tolerant children that grow into tolerant adults. Therefore, it is completely possible that the Teletubbies represent homosexual and heterosexual human beings.

    Po's head-symbol is a circle, an ancient feminine symbol. Dipsy's head-symbol is a rod, another ancient symbol, this one representing males. They could be the heterosexials.

    Lala's symbol is an odd twisty thing that is a mixture of the rod and the circle. Tinky-Winky's symbol is an upside-down triangle, which is used as a gay-pride symbol and historically represents the female womb. The fact that he is purple and owns a red purse and frilly tutu could just further aid the "child subconsciousness" that they are trying to alter for the better.  


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