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hopeless romantic

i never did understand what ‘love’ is.

i mean, duh, i know what it is. when you talk about family love or friends loving each other, that i understand. but i just dont understand what gf-bf love is all about. it sounds too cliche and too overrated.

whenever i go to friendster profiles, i’ll always see stuff written in their comments’ section.

’sayang, i love you sooooo much.’
‘you are the joy in my life, the light of blablablala’…

you know how it goes.

and i’ll be like, ermmmmm… okaaaayy.

i mean, its not that i dont appreciate them loving each other or whatever, but i mean, i just dont get it. i do get what ‘care‘ or ‘sayang‘ means, but what i dont get is what ‘love‘ means. i know i sound all cliche and mushy at this point, but i mean, thats just it, i dont get it.

i was at a point where i had a boyfriend and was in a lovey-dovey mood. but then again, looking at friends and stuff, they’re basically addicted to their girlfriend and boyfriend. and im like thinking to myself, “omgsh.. should i be addicted to my boyfriend? should i post his picture all over my friendster profile and just brag about how great he is at kissing?“. but i dont feel like doing that, so then, im like thinking to myself, “am i a bad gifriend?“

i mean, they’re like sooo fucking in love, and here i am, laughing at how big his nose is instead of saying, how i adore his nose being big. you know what i mean? so basically, i just dont get it.

and im never a mushy person. i mean, i am, but not to the extreme mushy. i may be all romantic at some point, but ultimately, i dont like to be all mushy 24/7, it sounds too fake. i mean, i know he loves me and i love him, so must i be all, “oh sweetheart. from the very first time i lay my eyes on you, i knew you were my prince charming that has filled my emptiness in me.“. hahha.

that exactly my point. yuck.

but its like, whatever. if my thinking of a relationship should be all wacky, funny and romanticly silly, then i will go on thinking like that. being all mushy and stuff is soooo yesterday.

but then again, you are welcome to act that way if it suits you best. ;)

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  1. Henry Yew said...

    You spoke some of my points! This is exactly what I have in mind about relationships!

    But each of us has our own individual taste. It's really up to the person whether to be mushy or otherwise. Romance doesn't mean mushiness and relationships don't necessarily mean romance at all times.  

  2. thwen said...

    I guess it all depends, haha! Undeniably, there are lots of variables to consider when one's about to judge a relationship and weigh its importance and value...

    Then again, I'm no expert in these sort of things, so I'll just let time to sort them out while I do my mighty research and carry on with my observation...

    Oh well, honestly, I don't really like mushy-mushy stuff. Sounds so... erm, childish and untrue...  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    "Oh well, honestly, I don't really like mushy-mushy stuff. Sounds so... erm, childish and untrue..."

    Erm... seconded.  

  4. joe said...

    okay.. hmmm i guess being mushy doesn't mean it is romantic. romance need not be associated with mushiness. still, i don't think it is childish or untrue. it;s just tt different couples have different ways of showing love 2 each other.  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    The mushy-mushy stuff and addiction to your boyfriend/girlfriend is called infatuation. True love doesn't come through all these childish and untrue behaviour.

    If you want to know true love go ask an old couple who have been together for many, many years. They embody love although you might think it's lame.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  6. st.maverick said...

    Comrade said:
    The mushy-mushy stuff and addiction to your boyfriend/girlfriend is called infatuation. True love doesn't come through all these childish and untrue behaviour.

    I must say I disagree with that. "Childish", to me, is a relative term of comparison. Frankly speaking, to say that it isn't true love just because they behave that way is quite flawed.

    But as Joe said:
    romance need not be associated with mushiness.

    ...which, I believe, is particularly true. Different couples have different ways of showing love to one another.

    I think there's a tendency for people to get playful and flirty around the ones that they "love" (or whatever you wish to call that feeling), which is natural, especially in a boy-girl relationship.

    ~verus rara avis~  

  7. jasminerajah said...

    yes, as you say, it is basically based on individual tastes. i guess, im not one of those people who are into all those mushy stuff. my friends were like telling me that its a way to show affection or love or something, but im like, "nah, i'll pass.".

    im more comfortable making fun of my bf than telling him everyday how he takes me breath away and all that. i mean, it is okay to tell him that once in awhile, but repeating it sounds too annoying.hahaha. for me at least.

    well, for me, those mushy-mushy stuff doesnt sound all childish and untrue. i mean, some may be faking it, but other times, its just how couples 'communicate' with each other in a more 'manja' way, you know what i mean? i guess, its their way of communicating, and im not against it.

    but sometimes, too much is just tooooo much. haha. especially when a couple displays their love in public. people would go like, 'enough already!!'. haha. but yea, im cool with it.


    well, maybe at some point, it may seemed as if it was infatuation especially when both of them are young, as in, highschool young. but then again, it may or may not be infatuation. its probably how couples communicate.

    even an old couple, as mature as they are by age and by how long they've been together, they're still doing the mushy2 bit. although hard to be sensed by us young people (haha), still, when you actually observe them, they are too acting all mushy, but in a more conserved manner.

    iv not much to comment. we kinda have the same idea of what the whole situation is. haha.  

  8. Henry Yew said...

    [Jared]: "But as Joe said:
    romance need not be associated with mushiness."

    I said that, too, in my first comment.

    So, be mushy or not? As mushiness doesn't necessarily mean romance, and as not everybody likes mushiness, being mushy can really put someone off. Oh well, just be careful.

    Anyway, we are not in a position to decide whether or not true love exists. On a personal level, no matter how much we love an individual of another gender, we cannot say whether it is true love or otherwise. (Just a random comment)  


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