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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

This good man here had made the news,
For one of the best results the country has seen,
I knew this Albert was my great cue,
His report I highlighted in my old blog screen.

He found me and soon we were connected,
He was willing to share and opened his doors,
He gave me the awareness that the public lacked,
His strength, his will, they were not poor.

Soon we embarked on a new project here,
And he was so active we just went "Wow!"
When it comes to speaking up there was no fear,
He garners cheers from the big whole crowd.

We all then met up and had a wonderful time,
We admired his strength and his independence,
He knows he can contribute much in his prime,
For that he works hard, and he never said die.

He has a good friend who visits him always,
I bless his name for his caring touch,
Never complaining, kind in what he says,
Jaspreet, you are a true friend many can appreciate.

This friendship is not an ordinary one,
The bond that you have isn't because you're friends,
The love and passion for one another made you won,
This friendship is eternal; never breaks, never ends.

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  1. Road Not Taken said...

    please pray for albert to get better  

  2. Kwatra said...

    Okay to tell you the truth...

    That is one of the the sappiest things i have EVER read...

    And duuude enuf praisin me ady... Malu wor... ;P  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Enough praising eh?

    Tell me the truth, would you rather hear words of praise or words of defamation? :P  

  4. Kwatra said...



    used to it


  5. Mei Mei said...

    stay strong man ;)  

  6. Generic Pharmacy said...

    He garners cheers from the big whole crowd.  


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