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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert


January 13th:

Albert is in the hospital.

He suffered from some breathing difficulties around lunchtime yesterday. He has been suffering from some mild flu for the past couple of days. After an afternoon nap he told his dad to rush him to the nearest hospital. 10 minutes before reaching it he passed out.

He is currently in the CCU of University Hospital. 4th floor, Menara Utama.

He has regained consciousness and is aware of his surroundings and responds to stimuli. He cannot speak as he is with oral breathing tube.

I will update this post as any developments take place.

Pray for him. God knows he deserves it.


Update 1 ; January 14th:

Visited him today. He is being sedated. Still on breath assister. Doc says theres nothing wrong with heart, lungs etc. according to a CT scan that was taken and he should be fine by the end of the week. They're just keeping him for awhile for observation.


Update 2 ; January 15th:

First step on the road to recovery.

Albert is now on minimal sedation. Hes started to complain furiously about the tube down his throat (which is a good sign). His mouth and lips are cracked a littl e since he hasn't been actually drinking anything and his throat is sore form the plumbing in his throat but other than that hes as well as can be expected.

He should be shifted out of the CCU to a regular ward soon, which is also good news as then at least someone can stay with him the whole time. Currently the fucking nurses there only know how to complain about Albert.

For those of you who don't know; Albert has a steel rod in his spine to keep him sitting straight. Because of this it is VERY uncomfortable for him to sleep on his back (he usually sleeps on his stomach). However, due to the various tubes going into him and the fact that this problem he is admitted for seems to be respiratory in nature they have placed him (yeap you guessed it) on his back.

Now this would actually be tolerable if he was shifted every 20mins or so but Noooooo our UH nurses are such busy little she-bitches aren't they? They're so busy comparing their notes on who the most troublesome patient is that poor ol 'bert has to literally scream to get anything done.

BTW my dad just suffered a heart attack and is admitted to IJN. He's gonna undergo an Angio-Plasty tonight.

All this and its not even been a week since my cousin was murdered.

What a great year its turning out to be...


Update 3 ; January 16th:

Nothing much new to update today really. Albert is now entirely off sedation. His breathing has normalized. The Docs are still keeping him in the CCU for observation purposes. He is still complaining of pain in his throat because of the tubes and back because of the position he has to sleep in.

My dad also has just underwent the two Angio-Plasties successfully. He is conscious and well. They are also still keeping him in the IJN CCU for observation although the doctors assure me that he will be allowed to go home within the next week or so at the most.

That is all.


Update 4 ; January 19th:

Visited Albert today.

He seems much better than before. Much more active. Much more cheerful. He is still on the ventilator although they are slowly weening him off it.

Thats where the good news ends though.
The docs are worried. If they remove the tubes Albert might have breathing complications again. If they leave the tube in there is a very very large chance of an infection. The alternative is a tracheotomy. Which literally means boring a hole in his neck so he can breathe. Not pretty and itself has a whole host of complications.

As for my dad hes back home now. Life's almost back to normal at my house again. Docs orders to rest (which my dad is studiously ignoring btw). Tough-ass dads FTW!


Update 5 ; January 23rd:

Albert has just undergone the tracheotomy. He is right now sedated but stable. He cannot speak. He shall never speak again. He lost the only true asset he had; force of word. I will miss the sound of it.

My dad has been re-admitted to IJN. More chest pains.


Update 6 ; January 26th:

Albert is out of the CCU. He is doing well with the tracheotomy. He is still in the cardiac ward thou but docs say he'll be fine. They say that if all goes well within a few weeks they can undo the tracheotomy and he'll be back to screaming profanities and telling jokes.

My dad got out of the hospital today. Kena sounding from the docs for not listening to their advice. LOL! Farnee!

Anywys, he's back home. I've hidden the car keys. And the laptop. So all is well in the Kwatra Household. :P


Update 7 ; February 4th:

Doctors have just replaced the tube in Comrades throat to now enable speech. He called me at around 10a.m. Monday morning.

Things are finally looking up. =)


Update 8 (Hopefully Update Final) ; February 6th:

Albert is going to be discharged later today.
Right in time for the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

A well wished Gong Xi Fa Chai to all of you guys.
An my deepest thanks for all the love and support that you all have shown Albert.

This year is living up to its Zodiac sign no? The Rat; Notoriously hard to put down.


Love, Peace and Chicken Grease ya'll!

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  1. Melanie said...

    no shit! i hope he;s fine  

  2. Kwatra said...

    I Shit you not.  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Man! I sure hope he's OK! How I wish I could just go to KL and visit him now!

    And, Kwatra, what did you say about your outro? Looks like you're gonna pop in once in a while eh?  

  4. Kwatra said...


    Just for emergencies.  

  5. Melanie said...

    Please please send my regards to him... I msg him but he din reply. Hope he recover soon.  

  6. Kwatra said...


    thank you for your support. it means alot to him.  

  7. Shine said...

    Glad to know everything is fine.

    Tell Albert to take the tube as 'practice'. Hehehe.  

  8. huiwen7 said...

    *sighs in relief*  

  9. Kwatra said...

    Shine: heres a message from Albert... _|_ -_- _|_

    Huiwen: That must have been one long breath you held. ;P  

  10. jasmine said...

    oh dear...

    well, im very glad he's doing well than before. you're dad as well.


  11. Shine said...

    Help me tell Albert that right now, the keyboard is mightier than speech. He has lost the battle, he has not lost the war.

    I am his keyboard stand, and backspace key. And you, Jaspreet, is his CAPSLOCK key.

    All the best.  

  12. Kwatra said...


    Ooooookay.... i'll tell him...

    I doubt he'd geddit thou...

    (to be honest i don't get it either... hel? anyone?)  

  13. Henry Yew said...

    Albert will speak no more? That's... very sad!

    Albert, stay strong. There are many people supporting you.  


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