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Say what??

Brace yourself, for what you see MAY cause side effects.

Now kids, how many of you know what this sign means? We see this on the highway sometimes and also when we go for basement parking in shopping malls. Imagine that there is a repetition of this arrow (because I couldn't find the exact image I wanted).

As most of you have been through the Undang test, I am still preparing for it. I was practising my theory using the book by Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu; and there was a question which asked the meaning of the sign.

142. Pilih kenyataan yang BETUL berkaitan tanda isyarat di sebelah kanan (or in this case, di atas):

A) Tanda halangan
B) Tanda arah ke kiri
C) Jalan melencong sisihan tajam
D) Tanda arah kiri dan kanan

My answer: C Correct :)

149. Pilih kenyataan yang BETUL mengenai tanda isyarat di sebelah kanan (as usual, referring to the one above):

A) Halangan
B) Rintangan
C) Jalan sehala
D) Jalan melencong sisihan tajam

My answer: D Wrong :( The correct answer as specified by the book is B) Rintangan

Obviously, I know that my answer is correct because I am familiar with this road sign. But, what about other road signs that I'm not familiar with?

Then, I'd be learning the wrong things and practising wrongly on the road. In the end, there'll be an extension of duration for learning how to drive because there is an increase in numbers of accidents when it is the book that is teaching the wrong thing.

7 mad rant(s):

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  1. Kwatra said...



  2. Henry Yew said...

    In a more open manner, I'd say not everything is perfect and therefore the mistake as pointed out proves the case.

    But in a more logical manner, what happened to the vetting of the answers? Wasn't there a board to verify that the answers provided are correct?


  3. huiwen7 said...

    I will still go for option C!  

  4. Henry Yew said...

    And pray tell me, what is option C?  

  5. huiwen7 said...

    C) Jalan melencong sisihan tajam

    Haha, what else lah?!  

  6. Cheap Pharmacy Online said...

    In South Africa I'd be learning the wrong things and practising wrongly on the road.  

  7. muebles lugo said...

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