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I am depressed over the Graphic Calculator which I sold for only RM260 and that Indian man freakin’ took a book for “free” which was not even in the deal at all! The son is innocent but those people are who I hold grudges on, I guess. I admit that it was partially my fault because I was not being aware. However, I would never believed to be cheated by another Malaysian as such. He told me that there was going to be a Fair and calculators will be sold for RM200. Being afraid that I might not at all be able to sell the calculator, I just took his offer.

That was just plain idiotic of me and I regret it now. Malaysians…. Because one gives a bad impression, it stays like this for the rest of our lives. What happens if foreigners who travels to Malaysia experience such? Would you think that they would ever want to come to Malysia again? It is how the Malay proverb ’sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga’ describes this situation. Not only during this incident that I experience such dissapointment, but while watching Amazing Race Asia, the Malaysian mums were in my opinion, not playing fair. I know that I should be supporting the representatives from my country but sometimes, you just can’t agree to something that is morally wrong. In that episode, the Japanese team got eliminated.

What happened? Well, they were using tricks to have the Japanese team go the wrong way and what if that happens to you? Wouldn’t you feel frustrated to be cheated? That is just wrong, man… It is just a freakin game and to me, they have gone too low. As this programme will be telecasted world wide, what would other people think of them?

Anyway, I did sell my notes to this guy who’s brother studies in IMU as well. I binded it for him and it wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be but heck, it could have been more expensive. I really hope that the notes would be of very good use to him. That would make me feel proud and happy as the owner. I know that right now, I sound mad to treat my notes like my “baby” but what the heck, I wouldn’t part with it unless I know it has a good owner or at least a decent looking owner.

Other than that, two new friends I made, Vivek and Shan helped me sell my books and I too, helped them sell theirs. It was a mutual thing. I have a bag of books reserved for a girl. I sure do hope that she turns up tomorrow, otherwise, I’d have a headache having to sell the books all over again. I guess I can’t complain much except for being conned by the Indian men.

They were even asking me to reserve my notes and I did in the beginning but in the end, they didn’t come. So, it’s a good thing that there has been an arrangement for someone else to get it from me. My classmate was suppose to sell his stuff with me but he sold everything for a much more cheaper price that I think was too good to be true! Another classmate of ming, Eu Jin was unbelievable too. He sold his original books for a very very cheap price. I think I should have bought from him and sold it for a way higher price. What the heck, it was initially RM20 only until he changed it to RM40. Selling it for RM60-80 would still be reasonable considering that it is an original.

Oh well, what has happened has already happened. So, tomorrow is a new day and I am going to help Shan sell his books. Now, I’m wondering if I should sell my assignments. Hehehe… Nah, that’d be unfair…. *I’m so tempted to do so though* I am just feeling disgusted at how parents, yes, and I mean PARENTS who lie to take advantage of pre-adults. It is not called preparation of the outside world although it is the outside world. Rather, I believe that in conducting business or sales, it is the parents' role to play in guiding us. Did I stressed on PARENTS? I'm not saying that all parents does this, but more like parents ought not to do this because not only does it set a bad example and pose negative effects on other teenagers but it is also them that ought to be civilised. Just because I can't understand tamil doesn't mean they can criticize me in tamil. (I was just lucky to have an Indian friend beside me who translated every thing they said.)

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