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Streamyx's JumboPlay

FINALLY! Something worthwhile from TM (formerly TMNut)

Some of you may have seen the advertisements for this service on MSN or maybe the news. It's basically a service where you pay a fixed amount of money every month, and you get to play all those PC games that they offer without a limit.

It's basically the same as the GameTap service offered here in the States.

I just recently checked out the games that JumboPlay offer and the only games I see worth playing there are Hitman Blood Money and the Prince of Persia series. Hopefully they will expand the list for new games soon (*cough Call of Duty 4 *cough).

Personally, if I were in Malaysia, I would subscribe to it cause I think the price is relatively reasonable by Malaysian standards, and any effort made to bring original games more accessible to third world nations is always a plus in my book.

Hopefully the download speed is reasonable. Shouldn't be a problem if the server is in Malaysia.

Conclusion: Be a proper gamer and support the game industry! Say bye to RM15 pirated games with no online features!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    The games on demand download servers is based on your IP, if you are in Malaysia, the servers is located in TMNET cyberjaya data and it will be quite fast to download.  

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  3. Generic Pharmacy said...

    It's basically the same as the GameTap service offered here in the States.  


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