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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Me, Myself and RANDTS

RANDTS is dead!
Or dying,
and so near death it no longer makes a difference.

My point? I am going to make like a dirty ol' sailor an' yell to the cap'n...


But before i depart some apologies are in order...

Shine; sorry for dragging you into this in the first place. Hey at least you got to make fun of me to ppl you don't even know. :P

Albert; yea i know you intro-ed me to this place but heck it is getting boring.

Lastly Henry; I see you trying bro. I really do. And you are the better man for making this limp on as long as it will. It was indeed a pleasure my friend. Both to get to know you and write along side you.

Now that thats out of the way...

To Jared, Joe, HuiWen and all the other (ex)RANDTSters;
Jared; my fellow Poet and Sophist, and need i mention the Mr. Burns? but seriously and ~EeeExcelent~ individual.
friendly average Joe (who's a damn nice guy btw!), who i wish i got a chance to know better. ;)
and of cos
the lovely HuiWen; the only one of us who's artistry is unique to say the least and always an eye opener.
Dudes n dudettes; wish this turned out differently. See you around. It was tremendous fun.
Drop by my blog once in a while if you desire time wasting fiction. :P


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