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Ok, as promised, a post…

As you all know very very well, I have been very busy lately. Ya, so nothing more than classes, homework, club meetings during weekdays, and chilling, playing pool, doing more homework, watching pr0n in weekends.

So since nothing much happened, and I have the photographic capabilities of a monkey, I have decided to just type random things that pop in my head.

1. In America, they don’t have ground floor. Their first floor is the ground floor. Retards.

2. Every girl here has tits. Compared to Malaysia or China, it is like comparing a papaya with a washboard. Even the Asians here have tits. Heck even some guys have tits. It’s got to do with their food, obviously. And not that many are fat, I guess cause they work out and have sex a lot.

3. These bastards don’t use metric system. Fuck, damn hard to do math when you have to use mph, feet/s, and lbs and gallons. Lanjiao, have to convert to metric then convert back.

4. The weather here in Champaign is fucked. I read somewhere on Facebook (ya, they don’t use Friendster anymore… that is sooo 2004) that if you are lost, and everything, everywhere you see is flat (except for breasts), and if the weather is fucked, you are in Champaign, Illinois. The rain here is like the mist spray in the shower head, so even if you use an umbrella, your pants confirm wet (figurative).

5. The people here are not racist. Heck, people laugh at racism jokes here.

6. The people here are generally nice, OR they are pretending to be nice, OR its their job to be nice. I ain’t complaining, I don’t mind people holding the door open for me or saying good night to me while I am pissing. But I can’t say the same about Asian Americans. The few I have seen so far just plain piss me off. Its either they are selfish, greedy, or egoistic. Heck, I don’t mind people being selfish, but taking other people’s candy and not even giving a piece of chip to taste is just wrong. And what about retards who pretend to be high and mighty and come asking you for help with homework?

7. The homework here is cock. They give like, a ton (or 2240 lbs) of homework (or 2240 lbs). The reason they are hard is cause the teaching method here is fucked up as well. The lecturer teaches too much theory and lack applications/examples.

8. Food and drinks here are expensive as fuck, but everything else is cheap. Ironic, isn’t it? A bottle of Coke here is $1.25.

9. The drivers here are actually courteous and obey the law. Unlike Malaysia where you can get pass problems with kopi tambah gula, if you dare to offer coffee here, you are screwed. But my roommate did tell me that girls can get pass easily by flashing themselves. Not a bad trade, if you ask me.

10. People here are freaking confident. They answer questions blindly and don’t really care if they are right or wrong. They ask questions that are honestly pointless to ask. People here basically have more balls to do anything and everything than the number of pixels in my screen. We Asians may find them snobbish and stuff, but in a way, we gotta respect that, and we gotta remember that it is their ballfullness that is pawning us all now (remember Colonel Perry?), and the girls here dig that.

11. All the white girls here look the same. At least to me, it does. The only thing to separate them from one another is the colour of their hair, their weight, and the size of their breasts.

12. Girls here are suckers for nice guys. Considering the amount of shitty dipshits you find here, it’s pretty rare to find genuine nice decent gentlemen. So if you wanna hook up with any girls here, show both the confident white-ness and the gentle, soft asian-ness. Confirm can tapau everyone.

13. Contradictory to popular opinion, not everyone here is rich. But there IS a minimum salary for every job, even part time (its $7.50 per hour in my state, $6.50 per hour nationwide, I think). So there ARE poor people, but they can at least support themselves, though not all can afford college education.

That’s about it for now, will post more when more interesting stuff happens.


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  1. Henry Yew said...

    Isn't it ironic that in the USA they are still sticking to the USCS system of measurements? The USCS system is also considered as the British system but even now, England has already adopted the metric (or SI) system.

    Indeed it sucks big time for those in the USA as some percentage of the population in the US is still conforming to the USCS. Let me quote some paragraphs from my Engineering Fluid Mechanics textbook by †††††Cengel and Cimbala:

    "The recent move toward the metric system in the United States seems to have started in 1968 when Congress, in response to what was happening to the rest of the world, passed a Metric Study Act. Congress continued to promote voluntary switch to the metric system by passing the Metric Conversion Act in 1975. A trade bill passed by Congress in 1988 set a September 1992 deadline for all federal agencies to convert to the metric system. However, the deadlines were relaxed lated with no clear plans for the future.

    The industries that are heavily involved in international trade (such as the automotive, soft drink and liquor industries) have been quick in converting to the metric system for economic reasons (having a single worldwide design, fewer sizes, smaller inventories, etc.). Today, nearly all the cars manufactured in the United States are metric. Most car owners probably do not realise this until they try an English socket wrench on a metric bolt. Most industries, however, resisted the change, thus slowing down the conversion process.

    Presently the United States is a dual-system society, and it will stay that way until the transition to the metric system is completed. This puts an extra burden on today's engineering students, since they are expected to retain their understanding of the English system while learning, thinking and working in terms of the SI. Given the position of the engineers in the transition period, both unit systems are used in this text, with particular emphasis on SI units."

    So yes, like you, I also deal with feet and inches as well as metres and kilograms. In addition to that, I also deal with Newtons and kilogram force. But we have no choice, do we? Even our parents are more used to the English system. I know that my parents would understand "6 feet" better than "1.83 metres" and pounds as opposed to kilograms.  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    10 and 12 for real? WHERES MY PLANE TICKET!  


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