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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Look here!

This message goes out to all RANDSTers, past and present.

I shall not be very subtle with the fact that I am indeed becoming quite disappointed that although RANDTS has come a long way, it is ending up becoming nothing. More and more people are leaving this blog, and must I say it will not be long before this blog becomes defunct?

I have no idea what is running in your minds, but allow me to give my two cents on this matter. When all of us first participated in this project, we were full of hope that it will grow into something great. The passion was initially there and all seemed to go well at first. We had seen an influx of posts for the first two months and it seemed to be such a good indication for RANDTS. We had our gatherings and exchanging of views.

However, later on, I would observe that our bloggers here occasionally slack and sometimes disappearing for a few good months. I do not even really know whether some of the RANDSTers that we have here even bother to view this blog.

Then, previously, I have made a similar post to this. The response was that the fire for blogging was burning again, but quite short-lived. Now, after Joe has left us, we see that Timothy has also left and Khael is showing indications that he is leaving.

Many times I have asked this question, "Why is it that people are leaving our blog? Why is it that initially they have the passion, only to lose it in the end?" But this question was never answered.

Indeed, I have got bored with this blog now that it has so little interesting updates. Apart from stories, photographs and more stories, I see no fresh material worth reading.

We have more than ten contributors to this blog but it does not reflect that fact at all. It seems more like three or four zealous bloggers who would try to find time to blog and would only give up if the time does not permit them to do so. We have too many lukewarm and cold bloggers who do not deserve to be put up as contributors in the first place.

Blogging is all about passion, patience and effort. If you lose any one of these, the fire to blog will simply diminish in no time. I still have the passion and effort to blog here, but I no longer have the patience, because I have lost my patience seeing that the latest post in RANDTS is always the outdated one.

We did not want to have this blog just because we want to have it. We did not want to have this blog just because it is mere fun. We want to have this blog because we believe that besides displaying our creativity, our thoughts and so on, we could unite bloggers from around the country or even worldwide under one roof. We have sent in proposals and numerous e-mails (all done by Jared) stating that participating as a RANDSTer demands quite a lot of commitment and patience, and should only accept the invitation to join the RANDTS community if you feel that you are able to do so. It is indeed a privilege to be accepted as part of the RANDTS community. No Tom, Dick or Harry could just come in like that!

RANDTS is not really a blog where you are free to just contribute or leave as you like. Perhaps you should think about the people who have put in all the effort here to make this blog alive and to even create it in the first place. The sincere intention of this blog has either never been comprehended or taken for granted.

Really, people, if you are busy for about two or so weeks, I could accept that. But if you are continuously busy for two or three months and could not even spend just half an hour posting something up in RANDTS, I think at this point there is no need to evaluate your commitment to RANDTS. It is as good as none.

Call me hard-hearted but if you think that what I have said here is being unfair to some of you, let he or she voice themselves up against me. I would be happy to engage myself in a discussion to find out the true cause of such lack of commitment. Then we will know if it is really due to other commitments or just plain laziness.

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  1. fusion16 said...

    Aight. Here's my two cents. I'm not speaking for the other folks who have left this blog, but this is solely what I think...

    1) When I first joined this blog, I was quite excited to be part of something revolutionary. What I had in my mind was a place where we, as youths, could exchange opinions and thoughts. Initially, that's what this blog was. I don't think that's what it is now. I sometimes think that the stuff being posted here isn't what's really on our minds and/or things that really affect us as youths.
    This isn't a criticism of RANDTS. In fact, I find some of these posts hugely entertaining at times. However, this isn't what I signed up for (or what I thought I was signing up for). Therein lies MY mistake. I blame no one but myself for this.

    2) I've gone ahead and removed myself from RANDTS because I don't think it's fair to be listed as a RANDTSter even though I haven't been RANDTS-ing (new word here! :-P) for quite some time now. Truth be told, I've only posted on RANDTS when something really bothered me. If nothing bothered me, then I'd use my own blog. Apparently, nothing's bothered me for some time...
    I don't want my name there just to "make up the numbers". I think it's best for the blog too. Weed out all the "sleeping partners", I say...

    Once again, this isn't meant to be a representation of what everyone who has left RANDTS thinks about this blog. It's just me...

    Personally, I don't think this blog will die. If RANDTSters take the departures of a few members as a setback, then maybe it will... so DON'T take it a setback. Just think of it as fuel to keep on going...

    When it's all said and done, my departure SHOULD definitely NOT be termed as a setback. Why, you ask? When was the last time you saw me post something that got you thinking? Heck, when's the last time you saw me post at all? Think it works best for both parties if I take my leave now.

    So, guys, all the best.

  2. Henry Yew said...

    Point taken. In fact, I would greatly laud or salute those who realise that it is not fair to be a sleeping partner if you are not going to contribute anything more to this blog.

    For those who have left us, I hold against them no grudge whatsoever.

    I have yet to hear from those who are still with us, yet they take no action whatsoever to rectify this matter.

    Obviously, the purpose of this blog has diverted or digressed off to some mundane, non-constructive ones. For those who have left because the purpose has diverted off, the reason is justified.

    But for those who have left because they couldn't keep a commitment, again, why did you join in the first place?

    For those who are still with us as RANDSTers and yet in constant dormancy, I have yet to know when I shall be hearing from any of you.

    Therefore, will it not be fair for me to say that this blog is going nowhere, and as such, is defunct?  

  3. Comrade Cripple said...

    I'll be back blogging on RANDTS in a few days time.
    Anyone here miss me? Was I away for too long?  

  4. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Finally! Blessed Internet!

    Connection kaputted last few days...
    Will post real soon...

    Dun la be angry wit me Henry sayang... Break my heart tau! ;P  

  5. Comrade Cripple said...

    What Henry makes me think more deeply about RANDTSters who go on long "breaks".
    Perhaps now is the time for those who can't show commitment to take leave from this wonderful blog. It's better to quit than be constantly receiving flak from an ever more frustrated Henry.
    Let RANDTS be a lesson about commitment and responsibility.
    Like Henry I also hold no grudges.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  6. joe said...

    hmmm... interesting.. reminiscent of random rantings. but u noe, the reason why i left is simple.. itz not tt i have no more commitment 2 d blog, but rather i found myself unable 2 produce anything whenever i touch the computer or even load the new page.. i realized i could do a group blog, but not on such a scale...

    btw, some of our members might be thinking that randts was kinda a little too "political" for their liking  


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