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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

I Love You

Yea, I love you.

Whoever that is reading this, I swear to god, I love you. Non-sexually.
But if I love you so much, wtf am I not posting anything?

Am I running out of ideas?
Am I running out of time? (god, that sounds wrong)
Am I too busy?
Am I bullshitting when I say I want to be comitted?
Am I too intimidated by everyone else's post I am not posting anything?
Am I bored of the comments by the same people, commenting about the same thing?

... Or worse... Am I actually lying and in love with someone else @.@...

Erm, nope.

Anyways darling, before you take the keyboard and throw it across the Pacific to hit my ass, please let me explain.

No, I did not leave you or this place for anywhere else. Go Google my name, and see if you can find my name anywhere else.

No, not that I am running out of any ideas. Come to me anytime and treat me to a cup of coffee and I can talk till you ask me to shut up. OR, you can talk till I ask you to shut up. Shut up Jaspreet.

No, I am not bullshitting when I say I am not willing to commit time to this. If I do, I won't even comment. I won't even check this page when I am at the airport at Hong Kong. I won't even sacrifice my sleep to type this (its 12.15 am here)

No, I am not intimidated by everyone else's post.
Cause seriously, I know very well I can't take pictures of anything.
I definitely can't write a story about a guy dying and begging the devil to let him talk to his wife to go look for another guy.
I definitely can't write a story about a hypodermic doctor (whatever that means)
I definitely can't take a picture of a set of jeweleries attempting to screw each other.
And I most certainly can't write a complaint about retards leaving their phone at max volume in class with bombasticous vocabulary and longer than my professors proof on induction hypothesis.

So, wtf am I not typing anything?

Let me start with a simply simple story. One day in May, Mr. Jaspreet-sama ask me if I wanna join RANDTs.
I say ya. Why? Cause I am bored. A2 exam is gonna start, and I don't care, cause I am already accepted in uni, and all I need is C to get credit hours.
Then he tell me about all that commitment and shit. I said I don't care. Why? Cause I don't care. I AM committed to it.

Its like, I haven't played DoTA for like, a month. But I still like it. Heck, I'll play you anytime. BUT!!!!

For the same reason I can't play DoTA anymore, I can't post as often here anymore. Why? Cause I am no longer shaking my leg sipping whiskey while typing cock about how I need a girlfriend.

I am now in the land of McDonald's, Coke, and Victoria's Secrets. I have homework for Econs 102, CS 173, Phil 270, and Math 241. I have Taekwondo to attend. I have fraternity meetings to go. I have billiards to play. I have American friends to chill with, and tits to stare at.

So yea, its that dreaded thing again. LIFE!!!

So do I blame the rest of the people who left? No.
Cause I am sure of one of these things.
1. They have LIFE to tend to.
2. They have higher priorities/interests which they would rather spend their time doing. Here, let me give you a choice of having dinner with me, and blogging here. Which one will you choose? Wait! Don't answer that.
3. They still at least care about this blog. If they don't, then just stop. Why bother telling anyone?

Conclusion: I love you. I love this place. I would love to type more stuff, and type as often as possible. But lets just say that I am caught in a traffic jam.

2 mad rant(s):

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    This here my friends is the closest Shine gets to showing any emotion other than typical loudmouth cocktalking.

    Savor it rare occurance this.

    Owh n Shine. _|_  

  2. Shine said...

    FYI: No, I am not leaving, just stating why I am not posting more often.  


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