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Things we do in cars

As dirty as it may sound, you're not even close to guessing what I'm talking about...

What do we do in cars?

  • We read magazines while we wait for someone
  • We listen to the radio and perhaps call when there is a cue to call
  • We probably SMS our friends
  • We probably look out and enjoy the beautiful view
  • or, we just sleep (which is what I do most of the time)

But, today, something unexpected for me happened. A man was changing his clothes while driving. I didn't mean to look at it but heck, I was initially appreciating the scenery of the city at night. And right before me was a man who took off his shirt and quickly changed to another white one (while driving!) He obviously didn't wear his safety belt.

Think about how dangerous it is. He could have bang someone's car or hit a pedestrian who hurriedly crosses the road. Oh well, I hope there won't be more of these.

Was he in that much of a hurry to go visit someone that he had to change his clothes in the car?? Hmm, I wonder...

4 mad rant(s):

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  1. Shine said...

    ... I changed my clothes in the back seat once when I was a kid, cause I was late to school.

    You will be surprised at what people do in cars =)

    Just kinda scary that it is the drivers doing them.

    Keep your hands on your gear stick.
    The metal one.  

  2. Kwatra said...

    Haha some scenery i bet! >;)

    Jeremy Clarkson of top gear has reportedly been seen masturbating WHILE doing 150+mph on the autobahn by fellow road-testers James May and Richard Hammond during a recent group test. He was driving a Lamborghini Murcielago whereas James and Richard were both in a Pagani Zonda and a Aston Martin DB9.

    Go figure! (at least he had good taste in the car he chose)

    So yes ppl ditto shine. Fist only the metal gearknob...  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Reminds me so much of one of Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean series. Remember? He even brushed his teeth in the car.  

  4. Kwatra said...

    ah yes... he made use of the roundabout too. :D

    ahh... good show that... Unlike the mockery the two Bean Movies were...  


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