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Anime Review : Kaze No Stigma

This anime was created by Gonzo Studio who were famous for some animes like Gate Keepers, Vandread & Full Metal Panic!. The anime has a total of 24 episodes which just recently ended.

The Story

The story is about a boy named Kazuma Yagami who was suppose to be the main successor of Enraiha, a sword the was pass down in the Kannagi family for centuries. The sword was a symbol of the Kannagi's contract with the Flame Spirit Lord & only the successor had the right to wield it. Unfortunately Kazuma lacked the skills to use En-jutsu(fire art which was a specialty of the Kannagi family) & he lost a fight with his cousin Ayano Kannagi to be the successor of Enraiha.

Due to his defeat & his lack of talent, he was banished from the Kannagi family & was never to return again. After a few years, Kazuma returned to Japan as a powerful master of Fu-Jutsu (wind arts). What is his intention of returning? Is it because he misses home or is it for revenge on the Kannagi family?


The story mainly revolves around three characters which are :

Kazuma Kannagi
* Has the power of a wind mage
* Made a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord to enable him control all the air around him by will
*Usually arrogant & never listens to other people's advice
*Would do anything if the price is right
*Has a past that still haunts him until now

Ayano Kannagi
*The successor of Enraiha & a powerful En-jutsu user
*Always impatient & hot tempered(which is said to be a trade mark of a good En-jutsu user)
*Because of her attitude, the leader of the Kannagi clan, Ayano's father paid Kazuma to take care of her & teach her to be a great En-jutsu user
*Although she says she hates Kazuma, she actually has a crush on Kazuma
* Has the power of the Crimson Flame but she doesn't realize it.

Ren Kannagi
*The younger brother of Kazuma
*Always looks up at his brother & respects him a lot
*Has a strong heart although he may look weak
*Want to protect people & be more like his brother
* Has the Golden Flame which is known for its purification powers against demons(destroys demon spirits without harming the human host of the demon)

Final view
Overall Kaze No Stigma is a worth watching anime. It's got action,love,comedy & drama all in one package. The interesting this about the anime is how the relationship between Kazuma & Ayano develop & how Ren slowly becomes the man that he always wanted to be,to be able to protect the ones that he loves & cherish. Another interesting point is how Kazuma struggles to get over his past & look forward for the future & how Ayano begins to realize her true feelings. I definitely recommend this anime! I give it a 4/5! (^__^)

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  1. Shine said...

    Haven't seen it yet, but definitely will!! Watching Fate/Stay Night and Shakugan No Shana now, just finished Claymore.

    Honestly though, getting kinda sick of these shonen action animes/mangas. They all seem to be so similar to the classic Dragonball...  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    I followed Kaze No Stigma since Episode 1. Not great but still good in my opinion.

    [Shine]: If you are sick of the shonen genre maybe you should seinens with all the explicit violence and graphic images. Try mangas like Gantz or Berserk. BTW, the Claymore anime ending really sucks.......  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



    \m/ >.< \m/  

  4. Shine said...

    Gundam is outdated and overrated and stupidly complicated.

    Yea, the ending is very different from the manga, and yea, its stupid.

    I AM reading Gantz.I love the violence and sex, but I find it moving too slow and lack substance.  

  5. gungrave1988 said...

    Wow! You watched Fate Stay Night & Shakugan No Shana? Cool! Hope they have the continuation of Fate Stay Night. Did you know the 2nd season of Shakugan No Shana just came out? I watched the first episode already. It was great to watch Shana say "Urisai X 3" again. Love it! If you like Fate Stay Night & Shakugan, try Zero No Tsukaima! It's nice as well! (^__^)

    @Comrade Cripple
    Yeah, I remembered you wanted to do a review bout it but you didn't. If you want really brutal & gore anime, do watch Elfen Lied. But keep an open mind. It's really horrifying. Although the anime is bloody violent, it actually has an interesting story. If you got the guts, try & get it. Don't watch it with your family around,k? ;)

    @arbitary juggernaut
    I don't know why but i just can't seem to like Gundam. No offence to Gundam fans. But i heard there are releasing a new Gundam anime called "Mobile Suit Gundam 00". Heard it's nice. So I'm gonna give it a try! (^__^)  

  6. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    \m/ >.< \m/  

  7. Shine said...

    Gundam FTL

    Anyways, no, sadly, I don't really like Fate/Stay Night, its like a fighting anime trying to be overly emo but turns out to be ridiculously funny.

    Shana was nice, but I am still at first season, cause I couldn't watch it back in Malaysia. (Uni connection FTW!)

    Gundam FTL!!!!!
    Everyone looks the same, the only difference lies in the hairstyle and tits.
    All Gundams look the same, only different colours and weapons.
    The story is too repetitive, too many flashbacks, too many plot twists.  

  8. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    "All Gundams look the same, only different colours and weapons."

    Dude Thats the point! Thats like saying all cars look the same, only difference are the looks and the performance.

    and furthermore. U say its repetitive. Then you say it has plot twists. Well oxymoronic no?  

  9. Shine said...

    Repetitive in the sense that they keep re-showing the same things over and over again. Effectively, only 1o minutes of a 20 minute episode contain any real content. Not to mention the recycled fight scenes.

    The plot twists in the sense that the line between being an antagonist and protagonist is so blur, take for example that long haired dude from Seed Destiny, who after destroying Blue Cosmos, now wants to control everyone's life. And not to mention Athrun's disjointed reasoning for fighting for both sides, and whoever that is stupid enough to give him another Gundam to blow up.

    Plot twists are good, and breaks monotony, but the ones in Gundam are just plain stupid.

    Not all cars look the same, jackass.  

  10. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


  11. Comrade Cripple said...

    Blood and gore ftw!!!!!  

  12. Shine said...

    Amen to that!

    Sex FTW!!!

    But anime sex turns out hilarious all the time.  

  13. Danny Cohen Cacho said...
  14. buy kamagra said...

    I saw it and the anime it's very good I really like it, but the bad thing is the creator of the story die so there's no gonna be a second part.
    Thanks for sharing.  

  15. Anonymous said...

    I like it very much... It is one of my all time favourite anime... It's too bad that the author already passed away... But still hoping that somebody can replace him to do the season 3...  

  16. Anonymous said...

    I love ayano... Please make anime with this girl as the main character more!!  

  17. Anonymous said...

    This show was okay. I really enjoyed the story line, and AyanoxKasuma was great. Ren was a good character as well.

    Other than Ren and Kasuma, most the characters seemed a bit underdone. "This is the cool, social friend, this is the pretty,social friend, this is the hot headed fire mage that actually has a big heart." It's all been seen before, and it's pretty predictable from first meet. Most of the characters are flat, and that did bother me.

    It avoids logic in some areas too, such as the whole "I'm gonna go out and kill demons in a school uniform, because I'm in a well known family and I don't have anything el-.. hey wait."

    Despite the flaws, I still found it really enjoyable personally. :x If only for the cute moments, and the "Kazuma's a badass" moments too.  

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